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Introducing New Group Sessions

We are excited to announce some new group sessions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Introducing Adult Meditation Group for Stress Relief

Bright Horizons is excited to now offer meditation training for groups.  Meditation provides a powerful asset in relieving anxiety and achieving peace of mind, especially during these hectic holiday months.  Meditation also provides coping skills in dealing with daily stress.  Groups will begin in December and are offered in the evening to help accommodate busy work schedules.  These groups will run for 8 sessions on Tuesday evenings.  The cost is $350 for 8, hour long sessions.  Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Introducing Art Therapy Group for PTSD, Anxiety and Grief
Bright Horizons is excited to offer another new group run by our Registered Art Therapist, Kandra Orr, ATR.  This group runs as an adjunct to your current treatment or as a stand-alone service.  This group focuses on freeing clients from the debilitating emotions related to PTSD, anxiety and grief.  The creative process involved in Art Therapy helps people resolve problems, relax, manage behavior, increase self-awareness and find solace.  No drawing ability is needed.  This group will run for 8 sessions on Wednesday evenings beginning in December.  The cost is $350 for 8, hour long sessions.

Boys Elementary School Group to begin in December

This group focuses on elementary aged school children who are faced with peer rejection, bullying, social isolation, socialization and peer interaction difficulties, as well as various other situations.  This group is aimed to set the foundation for a bright future.  Group discussion is encouraged among the children to hear each other’s stories to reduce the stigma of feeling alone in dealing with difficult emotions.  Lessons are taught and problem solving will be done in an interactive manner among the group members.  Peer support is a major component in helping children feel welcomed and comfortable to share information.  Play therapy, group discussion, and lesson plans are all involved with helping children discuss and overcome “sticky” situations.  This group will run year round and is covered by most insurance plans.

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