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CAMP CONNECT 8-10 year olds Social Skills Group

A social skills group led by Teresa Warvel
Our kids have BIG feelings and sometimes it can be scary to talk about them. Well,
our KIMOCHIS are here to help! Kimochis look like toys, but they are actually
tools. Tools that help children with challenging behaviors. They teach children how
to talk about their “hard-to-have” feelings and how to manage feelings in positive
ways to promote well-being and success in school and in life. They allow kids and
adults to rapidly and safely explore and translate emotions.
WHAT: 10 week social skills and emotional regulation group.
WHEN: Every Wednesday at 5pm starting August 28th
. WHO: 8-10 year old children.
HOW: Direct fee of $40 per group session.
For more information contact Teresa Warvel at twarvel@bhcounseling.net