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Transition to Middle School Group

Transition to Middle School Group

 8-week group – Mondays, 6:00 – 7:00pm
 July 29 – September 23 (no group on Monday 9/2 for Labor Day)
 Direct fee – $40/session

The move from elementary to middle school is a stressful one for both kids and parents. A whole new skill set is required and while kids have likely been practicing some of those skills already, putting them into action in middle school can be daunting. This group will provide kids with both peer support and expert guidance as they prepare for and make the transition. The group is led by Heather Fitz-Randolph, a former school counselor with 13 years experience in both elementary and middle school settings.

We will address logistical issues including:
• Using a locker
• Managing a class schedule
• Organizing class materials
• Managing time
• Communicating with teachers and other school resources

We will address social/emotional issues including:
• Making new friends
• Recognizing and resisting peer pressure
• Dealing with conflict/bullying
• Identifying and connecting with school support staff
• Developing self-advocacy skills

Students will have the opportunity to rehearse new skills in group and at home, and then to use them at school, all while getting feedback from their peers and the group facilitator. The group is scheduled to begin 2 weeks prior to the start of school and will continue through the first 6 weeks of classes.

The group will be co-ed, limited to 10 students.

For more information contact Heather Fitz-Randolph at hfitz-randolph@bhcounseling.net, or leave your name and contact the office at 540-602-7615.