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Opening Hours : Office support available from 9am to 2pm Mon-Thu
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Billing & Insurance Information

Billing Information

Bright Horizons provides services on a fee for service basis. Your rate may be different depending on your insurance plan or the type of service requested.

Payment is due at time of service unless a prior billing arrangement is made. We are providers for several major insurance plans, and will gladly bill your insurance company with your permission. In the event that we bill insurance, only your co-pay/deductible must be made at the time of service. Please read the Financial Policy, included in the New Client Intake Packet, for more information

Cancellation/Missed Appointment Policy – Once an appointment time is scheduled, payment is due unless you provide 24 hours advance notice of cancellation. Cancellation notices of less than 24 hours are difficult to fill and prevent another client from being able to use that slot. Exceptions to this policy for extenuating circumstances are made at the sole discretion of Bright Horizons.


Bright Horizons has a variety of service providers to meet the needs of our clients – Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Board-Certified Art Therapists (ATR-BC), Residents-in-Counseling, and Education Support Providers. Fees for our services are listed below. Fees are subject to change.

Clinical Services

Education Services

LPCs, LCSWs, ATR-BCs Residents-in-Counseling Direct Support Services Advocacy Services

Intake Session

(60 minutes)

$180* $80

Intake Session

(75 minutes)


Individual Session

(45-50 minutes)

$130* $80

Initial Consultation

(multiple sessions)


Family Session

(45-50 minutes)

$150* $80 Individual Session

(50 minutes)

$50 $50

Group Session

(45-50 minutes)

$40 $40

Group Session

(50 minutes)

$35 $35

School Visits

(includes travel time)

$150 $150

School Visits

(includes travel time)

$150 $150
Hourly Rate $130 $80 Hourly Rate $50 $50

 *Bolded fees may be covered by insurance. All other services are self-pay and cannot and will not be billed to insurance by Bright Horizons.

Fees and Policies

  • All out-of-pocket costs (co-payments, deductibles, full self-pay rates, missed appointment fees) are due at the time of service.
  • Our office charges a $75.00 missed/late cancel fee without giving the office 24 hours prior notice.
  • If you arrive less than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, only the remainder of the session will be available. After 15 minutes, the appointment time may no longer be available to you and you will be charged a missed appointment fee. If the service provider runs late with a prior appointment for some reason, you will still receive the full session.
  • If local schools are closed due to weather conditions, please check the answering machine or website to see if we will be in the office or if we will need to reschedule the appointment.
  • If a client has missed 2 sessions in a row, Bright Horizons may choose to not schedule any further appointments for that client or may make that client’s regular appointment slot available to other clients.
  • “Bounced”” Check Fee: There will be a $50 fee for any checks returned for insufficient funds and checks will no longer be accepted as payment from that client.

Insurances Accepted

Bright Horizons accepts most major insurances, except for Medicare and Medicaid. Starting January 1, 2020, changes will be made to the insurance companies with which we are in-network. Please contact the office for more details. Insurance claims for other insurance providers may be covered at a non-provider/out-of-network rate. Please check with your insurance company for full benefits and coverage details.

**Bright Horizons does NOT accept/process secondary insurance.**