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Danielle Mosser, LPC-S

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” – CS Lewis

Danielle Mosser, MA, LPC-S
Licensed Professional Counselor
Clinical Supervisor

I have been working in the outpatient setting since June 2008. I earned by Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s degree in Counseling and Development from George Mason University. I have worked with children, teens, young adults, and adults in multiple capacities and like helping out my local church for those in need.  I obtained my license to supervise residents as of May 2019.

I help individuals between the ages of 12-50 but most often work with the teenage and young adult population.  Areas I most commonly work on are self esteem, anxiety, depression, bipolar, gender identity, self harm, and life transitions. Although these are my areas of expertise I am open to seeing couples and families in need of support as well as working through other areas of struggle that may present itself.

I help aide each person through their individual journey in life; helping them to understand and embrace their identity and uniqueness.  Therapeutic frameworks I often practice are DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and Supportive Therapy.  These help guide individuals to explore their inner selves and understand how they perceive situations differently to ensure more positive results in the future.

I have been told by prior clients as “the therapist who breaks the stigma of therapy.” What does that mean? Well I have asked that question myself and the answer is that I tend to provide a different setting than what people most commonly see in movies and on TV shows. I can lay on a couch and chill out, criss cross applesauce in my chair, sit on the ground; whatever suits the situation. I want the room to become a safety zone for the people I see and have them know that I meet them where they are at, I struggle too, and am fully in support of who they are; knowing they have a special purpose in life.

I don’t believe in taking notes during a session as I know what that personally feels like so if I have to take any type of notes when working through techniques I let the person I am seeing read everything I wrote so they feel comfortable.

I am a thrill seeker.  I have owned a motorcycle, jumped out of a plane, love roller coasters but have noticed my need for an adrenaline rush has calmed down a bit since having children (probably because they drain all my energy!).