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Kandra Orr, M.S., ATR-BC

Art and creativity are the soul’s medicines – what the soul uses to minister to itself, cure its maladies, and restore its vitality.
~ Shaun McNiff


I am a board-certified art therapist and former high school teacher in Spotsylvania County Schools. I have many years of clinical experience with children, adolescents, and adults in various settings, including psychiatric and medical hospitals, mental health agencies, community service boards, and residential treatment centers in New York and Virginia.

As an expressive medium, art can be used to help clients communicate difficult feelings, overcome stress, and explore different aspects of their personalities. Through conversation and art activities, I help clients learn how to express and process thoughts and feelings. The goal is not to make masterpieces, but to find a way to express emotions that cannot easily be put into words. Art therapy is not just about expression, but also for calming and regaining wholeness. You don’t need to be artistic to enjoy art therapy!

I use talking as well as creativity to explore ways to work through life challenges, learn skills, and improve confidence. I work with anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. Spirituality plays a role where appropriate in my work. I provide a safe space to express feelings creatively, gentle guidance to make sense of difficult experiences and integrate changes and losses in life. We all need a little help sometimes when life presents us with unexpected changes.

I enjoy helping teens and adults learn how to cope with stressors. As an art therapist as well as a professional artist I am a believer in the power of creativity to find healing and solace. I also provide support and therapy services to adults who are in need of finding their voice, their value, and minimizing their inner critic. We don’t grow and evolve without challenges and obstacles. I help people make sense of their story and learn methods to help them flourish. My goal is to offer empathy, support and reassurance on my clients’ journeys and to provide clients with a safe place to process difficult thoughts and feelings.

I utilize my experience as an art therapist to meet my clients’ needs. Drawing, painting, clay, meditation, relaxation training, collage and journaling all assist those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and trauma, as well as those who are facing unexpected changes in their life. I also utilize my training to assist my clients in developing the coping skills needed to manage their emotions and build self-esteem by acting as an advocate, listener, and coach with the goal of helping clients to improve their enjoyment of life.

Some of my favorite things include spending time with my pets, raising flowers and herbs, the beach, and of course, drawing and painting. I am passionate about color and have an obsession with art supplies. I often dabble with poetry as an adjunct self-therapy. I have traveled abroad extensively and enjoy experiencing different cultures. Siestas, movies, and chocolate are my guilty pleasures.