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Monica Bergandi M.Ed., Resident In Counseling

Monica L. Bergandi M.Ed. is a Resident in Counseling in the state of Virginia, and a Spiritual Life Coach, with over 15 years’ experience encouraging and inspiring her client’s, while supporting them in shifting and creating the lives they desire.  Ms. Bergandi received her B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine, which is where she first discovered her passion for working with youth and their families. Ms. Bergandi received her Master’s degree in Education, in Community Agency Counseling from George Mason University and her Spiritual Life Coaching Certification, from Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development; where she was a member of the coaching faculty under the direction of Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant.  During her tenure, she educated, supported and coached adult students, as they moved through everyday life challenges, that were rooted in childhood belief’s, old perceptions and stories that no longer served them in adulthood.


Through Ms. Bergandi’s career, she has been engaged with and has worked with children, adolescents, parents and adults of all ages. As Ms. Bergandi has honed her counseling and coaching skills, using a variety of counseling and coaching techniques; she has become acutely aware of how what one thinks can support old ways of being and doing life. This often manifests as the inability to move forward and appears to create a resistance to change; thus inhibiting continuous growth. Subsequently, Ms. Bergandi approaches counseling and coaching, from a holistic view point which appears to have expanded for her client’s world view, so they can achieve their highest possibility!


Ms. Bergandi, previously worked in a school setting supporting, challenging and inspiring students, parents, teachers, school personnel, school administration and outside agencies in working together to support students in engaging in and discovering and uncovering the underlying challenges that appeared to be the road blocks to experiencing both behavioral and academic success in the school setting. Ms. Bergandi specializes in supporting and encouraging parents to relate to and understand each child’s uniqueness, while providing the opportunity to establish, sustain and maintain loving, authentic communicative relationships. Ms. Bergandi believes and lives from a place where she promotes and encourages all client’s to advocate for themselves, communicate their needs, re-frame old stories and belief’s to support who they are now and who they are becoming and to live life as the adventure that it IS, while having fun in the process; because transformation/change does not have to be hard!