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Meet Our Team


“Woof. Woof.” Dog Father

Sparrow Kaufman
Emotional Support Animal

Hi! I’m Sparrow, one of the 4-legged therapists at Bright Horizons. I work with my mom, Becky, and help her clients when they are feeling sad and need a hug, or when they are sharing good news and need a congratulatory kiss. You might notice I have lots of scars on my body…they are from my early puppy-hood where I was forced into fights by mean people. But, I’m a lover not a fighter, so I was dumped on someone’s lawn, and rescued by good people who helped me get better. I was adopted by my mom just before I turned one, and I’ve never looked back! I’m a great listener, a super friendly boy and all around good doggo. You might see me wandering the hallways and lobby at Bright Horizons, looking for new friends and any treats I can get. I look forward to saying hi and getting gentle pets from you when you come see us!