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Our Groups


Here at Bright Horizon’s we offer a wide variety of group therapy. Each group is designed to target negative behaviors and instill proper alternatives by using play therapy, role playing, peer interaction, and coaching from the instructors.
Listed below are the different groups we have running at this time:


Middle School Girls Group


The Middle School Girls group targets ages 11-14 to address concerns during this phase of life.  Begins Oct 9, 2017, Every other Monday, 6:00-6:45 pm (Stafford Office)

Girls are facing ideals from the world around them and oftentimes don’t know how to navigate it themselves. The group aims to help girls understand their personal value and feel confident in who they are without having to shape themselves to the views of others. This group is beneficial in establishing a positive self worth and provides the girls with tools on how to combat the need to be perfect through societal eyes.

High School Group


The High School Group targets teens aged 14-18: Begins Monday, September 18, Every Week, 6:00 – 7:00 pm (Stafford Office)

The High School group offer support to those teens who are experiencing the highs and lows of High School life. Pressures from home, school, and peers can overwhelm teens which can lead to destructive behaviors. This group is offered to help teens through tough times in their lives and help them navigate positive ways to care for themselves. Group cohesion is a main factor in this group. Members form bonds with others who attend over similarly shared experiences/emotions and find immense levels of support.

Young Adults Group

Young Adults Group:   Begins January 2018,  Every Other Thursday, 6:00 – 6:45 pm (Stafford Office)

Young adults transitioning from living at home in high school to going to college, or striking it out on their own have their own unique set of challenges.  This group is  offered to help young adults navigate this  in order to positively take care of themselves and for participants to offer each other support.


Women's Art Therapy Group

Women’s Art Therapy Group:  6 Weeks.  New session beginning soon (Stafford and Fredericksburg Offices)

This is a Group for Women to promote personal growth and stress reduction in a supportive environment.  Each week will focus on a creative activity to increase insight and well being, including group discussion and reflection activities.  This group provides a safe environment to share experiences and practice self-care as well as to foster community and self-empowerment.