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Our Groups


Here at Bright Horizon’s we offer a wide variety of group therapy. Each group is designed to target negative behaviors and instill proper alternatives by using play therapy, role playing, peer interaction, and coaching from the instructors.
Listed below are the different groups we have running at this time:  *At this time all groups are on hold, we will revisit starting them again Fall 2021*

Art Therapy for Teens Group – Targets teens ages 12-18

Art therapy is the use of drawing, coloring, collage, and painting to identify and express feelings.  Art therapy is an excellent treatment for anyone dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, or various other emotional or physical challenges.  By expressing feelings through art you may experience peace of mind, the group format allows you to connect to others who are having similar thoughts and feelings.  Art therapy brings your inner world into the light, reduces stress, and helps relieve overwhelming emotions.  No art experience required.

Learn Meditation – A 6-week  Course for Adults

During these uncertain times meditation can offer us a calmer mind.  On a physical level, meditation can lower high blood pressure and decrease tension-related pain such as headaches, fibromyalgia and insomnia.  On a mental level meditation can reduce anxiety and depression, improve emotinal stability, increase creativity and develop intuition, as well as improve mental clarity and peace of mind.  This group will focus on several types of meditation, including mindfulness as well as guided visualization techniques.  Experienced meditators as well as novices are welcome.

Parent Support Group – A 6-week Course for Parents

Due to the current COVID pandemic, anxiety is becoming a part of daily life for almost all of us.  This anxiety naturally increases when we worry about the health and safety of our children, particularly when looking at them returning (or not) to school this coming year.  We are offering a new parent support group that will help to provide comfort, reassurance and encouragement as we try to make the best decisions for our children’s wellbeing.  If you or a parent you know is currently struggling with anxiety surrounding the upcoming school year then this group is for you.

High School Group – Targets teens ages 14-18

The High School group offer support to those teens who are experiencing the highs and lows of High School life. Pressures from home, school, and peers can overwhelm teens which can lead to destructive behaviors. This group is offered to help teens through tough times in their lives and help them navigate positive ways to care for themselves. Group cohesion is a main factor in this group. Members form bonds with others who attend over similarly shared experiences/emotions and find immense levels of support.