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Our Groups


Here at Bright Horizon’s we offer a wide variety of group therapy. Each group is designed to target negative behaviors and instill proper alternatives by using play therapy, role playing, peer interaction, and coaching from the instructors.
Listed below are the different groups we have running at this time:


High School Group – Targets teens ages 14-18

Resumes Monday, September 9, Every Week 6:00 – 7:00 pm (Stafford Office)

The High School group offer support to those teens who are experiencing the highs and lows of High School life. Pressures from home, school, and peers can overwhelm teens which can lead to destructive behaviors. This group is offered to help teens through tough times in their lives and help them navigate positive ways to care for themselves. Group cohesion is a main factor in this group. Members form bonds with others who attend over similarly shared experiences/emotions and find immense levels of support.


Transition to Middle School Group – Targets rising 6th graders

8 week group July 29 – September 23, Mondays, 6:00 – 7:00 pm (Stafford Office)

The move from elementary to middle school is a stressful one for both kids and parents.   A whole new skill set is required and while kids have likely been practicing some of those skills already, putting them into action in middle school can be daunting.  This group will provide kids with both peer support and expert guidance as they prepare for and make the transition to middle school.  The group is led by Heather Fitz-Randolph, a former school counselor with 13 years experience in both the elementary and middle school setting.  For more information contact Heather Fitz-Randolph at hfitz-randolph@bhcounseling.net or leave your name and contact information with Diana at the front desk.


Camp Connect –  A social skills group for emotional regulation

10 week group beginning August 28th 5:00 – 6:00 pm (Stafford Office)

Focusing on 8-10 year old children this group is built around Kimochis.  Our kids have BIG feelings and sometimes it can be scary to talk about them.  Well, our Kimochis are here to help!  Kimochis look like toys, but they are actually tools.  Tools that help children with challenging behaviors.  They teach children how to talk about their “hard-to-have” feelings and how to manage feelings in positive ways to promote well-being and success in school and in life.  They allow kids and adults to rapidly and safely explore and translate emotions.  For more information contact Teresa Warvel at twarvel@bhcounseling.net or leave your name and contact information with Diana at the front desk.



Middle School Girls Group – targets ages 11-14 to address concerns during this phase of life. 

Every other Monday, 6:00-6:45 pm (Stafford Office) *This group is not currently running                                                                                                                                                                                     

Girls are facing ideals from the world around them and oftentimes don’t know how to navigate it themselves. The group aims to help girls understand their personal value and feel confident in who they are without having to shape themselves to the views of others. This group is beneficial in establishing a positive self worth and provides the girls with tools on how to combat the need to be perfect through societal eyes.