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Opening Hours : Office support available from 9am to 2pm Mon-Thu
  Contact : Phone: (540)-602-7615 | Email: appointments@bhcounseling.net


Bright Horizons offers Education Support Services for those looking for assistance with meeting their child’s educational needs. Services fall into two primary areas:

Direct Support
Direct support services are available for families who desire individualized support with specific subject matter or skills. Direct support is tailored for the unique needs of each client but is designed to help with:

  • Systemically developing organizational techniques and time management strategies to better manage school and extracurricular commitments,
  • Learning how to self-advocate and communicate with teachers,
  • Recognizing and responding to stress, anxiety, and frustration,
  • Identifying and applying effective study techniques,
  • Re-teaching or support with specific academic skills or subjects, and
  • Determining optimal course schedules or class placements.

Advocacy services are designed to facilitate your relationship with the school system and help ensure your child is making appropriate progress by helping you:

  • Navigate the special education process,
  • Communicate with schools to optimize interventions and accommodations,
  • Understand test data and how to use the information to help your child,
  • Evaluate school placement options,
  • Communicate your child’s needs during school meetings and conferences,
  • Maintain continuity between the school and outside service providers (including Bright Horizons clinicians),
  • Modify ineffective interventions or accommodations, and
  • Maintain continuity when transitioning between schools and school systems.

For more information please contact Kristin Miller at kmiller@bhcounseling.net or leave your name and contact information with Diana at the front desk.