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In this day and age bullying, peer pressure, and peer rejection are frequent problems. It is important for children to succeed in their educational career as well as learn how to successfully interact with friends and form their social identity. The social skills program here at Bright Horizons is designed to help children, teens and young adults form their social identity, strengthen their social communication skills and improve their decision making processes.

The benefits of group therapy over individual therapy:

The main benefit of group therapy over individual therapy is that some clients behave and react more like themselves in a group setting than they would one-on-one with a counselor. Group members gain a certain sense of identity and social acceptance from their membership in the group. Suddenly they are not alone; they are surrounded by others who have the same anxieties and emotional difficulties that they have. Seeing how others deal with these issues may give clients new solutions to their own problems. Feedback from members also offers them a unique insight into their own behavior, and the group provides a safe place in which to practice new behaviors. Lastly, by helping others in the group work through their problems, group therapy members can raise their self-esteem.

Bright Horizons is a positive environment where your child can express themselves freely and have a safe place to disclose situations they are facing. Groups are formed based upon characteristics such as age, gender and social maturity. Group activities strive to enhance social skills as well as everyday life skills and coping skills by using techniques such as role playing, behavioral management, problem solving skills, peer discussion and homework assignments designed to help transfer the skills learned into everyday life situations. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged to help your child succeed in implementing their newfound skills.

Group times vary based upon the group your child attends. All groups are offered after school during the week. Open groups run year long and are open for enrollment throughout the year. New members can join at any time. Our current open groups include:

  • Middle School Transition Group (Rising 9th Graders)  *Temporarily closed
  • Middle School Girls (Ages 11-14)  *Temporarily closed
  • High School Group (Ages 14-18)  *Please call the office if interested, tentative start date September 2021
  • See News And Info for the Last Groups Our Office is Providing!